Do you need a Factory to build your product?

I have developed an exclusive service which is the most reliable and cost effective way to secure a trustworthy and reputable manufacturer in Asia. Having worked with countless factories for nearly two decades to produce products, I have established a broad network to help inventors secure quality manufacturing. Many agents will charge thousands to evaluate your needs, select a factory, and get samples made. This is simply not enough! You need to understand how factories work, how to negotiate pricing and arrange tooling and product set-up, and communicate with them to get them what they need to produce your product quickly and safely. Click here for a complete Question/Answer session to help you fully understand how this service can help you find the right factory!

Our factory sourcing concierge service includes the following:

  • Manufacturing documentation preparation and all communication with the factory
  • Factory locater -we seek out multiple factories and choose the best one for you!
  • Quotes for product prototyping and tooling (a separate fee for both will be quoted by the factory if applicable)
  • A final CIF or FOB USA manufacturing per piece price quote for your product as well as the packaging for it
  • Arranging the tooling/mold set up with factory
  • Pre-production samples (one (1) per product sourced will be provided. Additional samples may require a fee)
  • Assist with sample QA (quality assurance)
  • Review importing requirements so that your product arrives safely at your warehouse
  • One on one discussions and emails to answer your many questions and help you through this critical process