How inventing makes the world go ’round!

Inventors are certainly special people! They are creative problem solvers and thinkers who often come up with some of the greatest products that solve everyday problems and make our lives more convenient and enjoyable. For people that have such a special skill, they are lucky to be able to pursue their ideas and in this country we are free to pursue our dreams no matter where they may take us.

I just got back from the INPEX invention trade show in Pittsburgh and as always I really enjoyed seeing so many cool products and meeting so many enthusiastic inventors just looking for some help….and some hope! I speak at this show each year now and I always love talking about how to prepare your products for retail and with that comes one of the most important aspects of inventing – knowing that a successful inventor can help stimulate economy by creating work for others and allowing that inventor to earn a living, spend money, and potentially prosper and hopefully help others. We all need some help at one point or another and so I do my part to make sure people with ideas understand the long road ahead of them and what to expect along the way.

So, I say to any aspiring inventor – get up and find out what it will take for your dreams to become a reality. Learn what you can and then prepare for the journey. While doing so, understand that when you become successful as a small business you do more than just help yourself. You inadvertently help others. You create jobs. You spend money which supports other businesses. A lot of good comes from your success!


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