How to get through the mid day “dead zone”

Hey everyone! Like all of you, I am just a person always striving to better myself and find news ways to grow my business while working less and earning more. I have always recapped my each week in my mind to think about how my week was and if it was productive. Often each week is but I have noticed I often have these lulls and they occur usually around 2-3 pm and often they take me off track. I used to just make a cup of coffee or just walk away from my laptop figuring that would do the trick. But, I found that it really didn’t work.

Today, when having these “dead” times, I play more on social media and for me I spend a lot of time on Linked In to attempt to connect to anyone that in any way can have an effect on my business. As we know this world is still a lot about who you know and not always what you know…or at least that has been my experience. My new “connecting time” has actually become quite fruitful and I now consider it an important part of my days. Making new connections, new friends, and sharing ideas with others. God Bless the internet!


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