Inventing is hot!

For as long as I have been alive, the topic of inventing has always been a big draw. Today, inventing is super hot! With all of the reality shows, blogs and forums, and celebrities talking about inventions, it is no surprise that inventing is top of mind for millions of Americans.

Today, it seems that everyone is into inventing. Kids, moms, grandmas, you name it! No matter who I talk to, it seems that everyone either has an idea for a product or had an idea but never acted on it. There is so much information available for aspiring inventors that there is almost no excuse to take action and look to explore how to bring your product to market.

How do you make sure you are taking the proper steps to developing your product? You reach out to those that have been there and done that… talk to industry leaders who know how to guide you and help you avoid massive mistakes. But most importantly, you need to take your time. Inventing is an exciting endeavor and the stakes are high. Some people can make a lot of money….many will not. The ones that take it slow, do their homework, and follow the basic steps are almost always the ones that enjoy some level of success. Expect to spend the first year (not a month or two) developing your product, creating logos and websites, developing a package for it, finding a factory to make it, etc, etc. Each phase takes careful planning and precise execution. Then, when everything is set to go, you now have to sell it! Expect this process to be ongoing and be ready to dig in as selling to retailers takes patience and persistence. Just don’t give up when you hear a no or when things get tough….sticking it out is key to reaching that success!


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