Jim is the real deal, a true Pro. His knowledge and expertise on how to take your product to market is immeasurable! If your just starting out and have no idea how to begin or if your established and need advice on how to expand your product in the best market, Jim is the guy who can get the job done! The advice and support Jim has given me is something I am very grateful for, I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Jim! What I love best about Jim is that he keeps it real and is committed and dedicated to helping his clients. Jim will help you achieve your goals and experience success!
–Aimee Purcell, The Chair Bib

I hired a retail expert, Jim DeBetta, to coach me and the first step was him evaluating my product. He believes the product can make it but as he’s told me many times (and his contract states), there are no guarantees. With that said, I love working with him and he’s taught me so much already.
— Rose Iskowitz, Dipe N’ Go

As inventors in pursuit of world-changing innovations that will disrupt the marketplace, there is very little room for mistakes. In my experience, successful products require a well planned strategy and more importantly a qualified team to help execute the plan. The moment I met Jim DeBetta, he expressed a passion in my product as if it were his own. His knowledge, experience and business relationships in product retailing surpassed those of others I met. Jim fills an informational void that, quite frankly, can only be acquired after years of experience in the industry and in the trenches as an inventor himself. Jim clearly understands the needs of the people he works with and makes sure that he keeps the inventor on-track and in-check. I am delighted to have Jim as part of our team as we prepare to launch our product.
— Dr. Gautam Gulati, It’s Hygenius, LLC

Jim Debetta’s talents and expertise go far beyond just telling you how to bring a product to market or get a product on store shelves. He is a master at conveying the “art” of business and how it is conducted. To have him on your side is the ace in hole many entrepreneurs and inventors need to make the millions they dream of.
— –Leslie Haywood, Charmed Life Products LLC

I found Jim giving free advice on Mommy Millionaire. Not just any old advice, but detailed information about getting into retail stores – information that I had not been able to find anywhere. So I ask some of my own specific questions, and I could not believe, Jim was responding to me in very short order. I thought who is the guy, so I “googled” him and found out his story. He is a veteran in the retail game. He’s been there done that, and now he spends his time mentoring those trying to get their product, service or invention launched. I also saw a video of him speaking at a conference for entrepreneurs. Again, he was giving the inside scoop, and telling stories about some of his clients and how he advised them so they would avoid the pitfalls and not spend money unnecessarily. He talked about what buyers responded to and what they did not, which is critical for those of us trying to get seen. As a small organic t-shirt start-up I am very cautious about how I spend my very limited funds, but after hearing Jim, I decided that I needed his expertise if I was going to be successful. I then hired Jim as a consultant and the knowledge I have gained has well exceeded the cost! Jim is responsive and easy to talk to and he really took the time to understand what my product was and my goals. We mapped out a game plan and he provided me all sorts of example documents that I could tailor to fit my company. We set up dates for phone conferences and between dates, I emailed him questions and documents for review. He always responds promptly and in a detailed manner. Jim has saved me from some costly mistakes and steered me in a direction in which I feel I can be successful. He is also well versed on social marketing and networking, which is required for any type of selling. Jim is enthusiastic and positive and helps keep the momentum going; that would be the coaching part. What more could you ask for?

— Stephanie Stanton
President, UMANWEAR In

I really enjoyed our meeting yesterday Jim! You are a pleasure to work with. We really enjoy your sense of humor, honesty, and knowledge.
— Robert Burgess, Burgess Products

Thank you again for all of the time you gave me yesterday. I want you to know that I do understand the value of the information I received and appreciate it. In my eyes, what you did for me was priceless!
–Cathy Solich, Sundown Products

As a recent startup company, Jim and his team have been instrumental in teaching us how retail sales works. He has helped us avoid potential land mines as new company. Having his experience is a great asset to any company…
–Kevin Coley, HydroOne Beverages

Jim is terrific to work with due to his open communication, not only in prompt responses, but also in his willingness to share information. His expertise becomes an invaluable resource through the process of product devlopment and marketing. Jim is always honest, which results in the ability to make better business decisions.
–Jackie Raimondi, BinkiBear Products

I want to thank you for the time you have taken with us to help with the development of our invention. Your input on matters relating to potential sales targets, industry practices and standards and our business plan have been very helpful. In addition, your experience in this area is evident in the depth and breadth of advice you have provided. We look forward to continuing our relationship! Thanks for all your help.
–Jim Bewersdorf, Cookie Dough Creations

I heard Jim on an interview with another company and really liked what he had to say. He sounded honest and sincere. I emailed him about my invention and he called me right away (good sign.) I hired Jim to do a Product Evaluation. The evaluation was done quickly and honestly. We also spoke on the phone numerous times. He really gives you his time and shares his expertise. He is passionate about what he does and truly likes to help people. I’m a true believer that “What comes from the heart reaches the heart.” I am looking forward to continuing on this journey with Jim. I really believe he will guide me in the right direction. Thanks Jim.
–Kathy Lancaster, West Babylon, New York

Jim, I’ve already joined the Academy! It is awesome, and definitely the first place I go for inventing and entrpreneurial information!
— Suzy Gribble

Like many entrepreneurs, my passion is vast and my ideas are endless. Jim was able to listen, respect, and process my ideas and product. With his industry knowledge, excitement, and advice I was able to put my energy and effort in a profitable direction. Jim knows how to hone your passion in and focus it where it needs to be.
If you think you are passionate about your product now….wait until you meet Jim!

–Lori Lite, Author, Founder of Stress Free Kids

We would like to say that we know you take pride in the work you perform. The time you spent keeping us updated via email and by calling us way after hours shows us that your take your client’s interest to heart. I appreciate your candid view points as well as the recommendations you have made. We really appreciate all you have done for us so far and will be using your firm’s services to take our product to the next level.
— Teri Goodwin, Personalized Toothbrush