The Basics of Product Design

Award winning inventor and product designer Chris Hawker and retail selling expert Jim DeBetta go one on one and explore how product development really works and how products go from the idea stage to a living product!

Chris and Jim decided to share their decades of knowledge with those who are looking to find financial success developing product ideas and bringing them to market. Today, more than ever, retailers and corporations are looking to people like you who have great ideas that can help them grow their businesses. Knowing how successful people get their products designed, developed, and  prototyped is one of the key steps to success.

Successful product development starts with basic industry knowledge. Learn how successful product designers create professional drawings, make prototypes on a budget, and the REAL costs to bring your product to life!

This three CD set covers it all!

  • What  product design really means and the proper steps an inventor must follow for ultimate success
  • How the pros conduct product design brainstorming sessions, create professional drawings, and do it for the least amount of money
  • Product design terminology, industry buzz words, and how to work with product development companies
  • Understanding CAD, the making of prototypes, preparing your product for factories to manufacture, and other essentials
  • Inside tips, strategies, and methods used by successful product developers
  • A full CD of BONUS MATERIALS including sample product drawings, photos of prototypes, and key terms and definitions to help you understand this often complex part of the invention process

This “uncut” intimate conversation with Jim and Chris contains inside information about the product design and development industry and how it really works!

This invaluable CD set contains nearly an hour and a  half of critical product design knowledge. Total Retail Value – PRICELESS!

Just 39.95!

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