Validating your idea….why its important before you launch your product!

One of the keys to successfully getting your product ready for retail is to validate your idea before fully developing it. Many inventors feel that getting the opinions of a family member or a close friend will help you to feel confident that your product is really good and a potential money maker. Wrong! The best way is to get the opinions of a total stranger…one that has no vested interest in your success and is not shy about giving your their true feelings about your product.

Ideally, having a panel of people weighing in on your invention is key so that you can learn more about how your product may be priced, what changes could be made to enhance it, and where your target market may look to find it at retail. I have seen way too many inventors quickly decide on the final version of their product simply because they are too emotionally tied to it and feel it cannot fail. Today, there are various ways of gathering critical information that can help you. These methods often save you money in the end as getting these opinions early in the product development stage can prevent you from shelling out additional money later on when your product has to be redone or worse scrapped due to the valuable reactions of others.

My friend Shelley Straitiff runs a great new website that performs in depth surveys about your product called Question Moms. I had a couple of clients run their products through her program and I have to say I was very impressed with not only the organized way she runs them but the amount of quality responses and detailed info the panelist provide. Please check our her site at and learn how it can help you!


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