What I have to be thankful for!

Ah yes…the time of year where we reflect on the past and make new promises for the future. For me, it is always easy to look back and be grateful for what I have because when I really think about it, there are millions, maybe billions of people, who are just not nearly as fortunate as the average American. We have a lot….and take a lot for granted. It’s easy to – we are born and raised with everything we need and then some and of course we live our lives expecting things quick and easy, nice and neatly, and however and whenever we want it.

I am grateful for so much but for me being able to do what I enjoy and never really minding to get to my desk and start my day is a great thing. Many don’t enjoy their work and simply “show up” for work and can’t wait to get out of there each day. I am also so happy that I have a great family and that we are all doing well…nothing is more important than that! What else? We in this country are free to do most anything we wish and have very few restrictions on our daily freedom. Talk about taking something for granted! Being able to roam around the country unrestricted or being able to change careers or eating what you want are basic things but desired by millions in other countries.

Take stock of what you got and head into this holiday season with great wishes and enjoyment of what you have…..


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