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Jim created these special programs for people who are serious about taking their invention and turning it into a successful business. These unique plans involve personal discussions, emails, and inside knowledge to ensure that everything you need to accomplish gets done correctly, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of money.

Most inventors want the same thing – to make money from their idea. You have a great idea that others can benefit from. You see successful inventions everyday when you go shopping and retail stores are filled with products that someone created. Why can’t you be that person that enjoys great success?

Most inventors face the same basic problem – they lack the knowledge of the proper steps to inventing. They often skip critical steps in an attempt to get their product on the market which results in it being improperly developed and just plain unsellable.  They are also not financially prepared for the long road ahead. To enjoy success in this high risk business, you must understand the process and execute with precision.

Are you an invention entrepreneur who needs expert guidance to make your idea a reality? Are you nearly ready to sell to retailers or license your product? Do you need assistance with learning everything from how to find a factory to manufacture your product to how to sell to major retailers? If you are you unsure of what to do next and are afraid to spend your hard earned money incorrectly, then Jim’s Coaching & Consulting Programs are exactly what you need to help get your invention off the ground and on a path to success.

“Most inventors don’t achieve success because they don’t treat inventing like a serious business!”

Many people have specific problems they need to address in order to turn their invention into a real business. Whether you need expert advice about licensing, manufacturing, packaging, sales and marketing strategies, raising money, or information about how to approach retail buyers, Jim will provide detailed answers that will help get you to the next level.

Jim created these special programs for people who are serious about taking their invention and turning it into a successful business. These unique plans involve personal discussions, emails, and inside knowledge to ensure that everything you need to accomplish gets done correctly, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of money. Jim will be your guide throughout your journey and will teach you what to do and answer your many questions along the way. Having an expert of Jim’s caliber and experience is invaluable as he will take you inside the world of properly developing and selling a product. In addition, he will connect you with experts ranging from branding pros to licensing gurus who can streamline your business and help you reach your goals faster and easier. These experts have agreed to offer you prearranged discounts for their services and will work with you to accomplish your goals. Each coaching program is conducted on a month-long basis so there are no long term commitments. You work with Jim for as long as you need him.

Jim offers these special intensive coaching programs that are designed to “fast track” your learning curve to get you up and running quickly!


Jim has successfully sold tens of millions of dollars to the world’s leading retailers such as Costco, Target, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, and dozens of others. He has counseled hundreds of invention entrepreneurs and established multi-million dollar consumer products companies. As an industry recognized blogger, author, and sought after speaker, Jim has the deep experience and knowledge to help you succeed.

He will work with you one on one to get everything organized, created, and situated so that your product gets manufactured and prepared to sell to retailers. Think of it as having a dedicated employee with years of valuable experience working to help you!

There are many things that need to be done when you develop a product and build a business around it. A website needs to be created and polished if already in existence, proper spec and sell sheets need to be formed, great packaging must be created to help set your product apart, pricing structures need to be formulated so that you and the retailer make money, manufacturing details must be organized so that your products are well made and done so for the best possible price, and when all of the dozens of other details have been addressed you must learn how to market and sell your products! Jim will teach you everything you need to know and will bring in his team of experts to help execute on all phases of your project. Through calls, emails, and tele-conferences with other experts, you will have Jim there by your side to guide you!

Jim has vast experience in the following areas:

  • Product development – getting an idea from your mind onto paper and beyond
  • Patents and Trademarks (disclosure – Jim is not a patent attorney or agent)
  • Manufacturing
  • Branding – logos, taglines, and website development
  • Licensing
  • Sales and marketing to small and large retailers
  • Social media marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Packaging
  • Pricing strategies
  • Funding

And so much more!

The Inner Circle of experts consists of the leading names in the consumer products industry including renowned patent attorneys, funding experts, factory sourcing agents, branding gurus, social media mavens, licensing pros, and highly successful retail sales and marketing leaders. Each one of these experts is industry recognized and enjoy top level reputations in the industry.

Jim will tell you that in his nearly 20 years of selling to major retailers all over the world that nearly 90% of all people that approach him are NOT READY to sell to retailers or to license their product to companies. Their websites and collateral materials usually need revisions, the product may need packaging changes or pricing restructuring and many other areas may need to be addressed in order for Jim to feel comfortable and confident for when you approach executives who can purchase your product. The fact is that if you are not in the business of consumer products your judgment of your own product and its readiness may be clouded due to lack of relevant information, inexperience in knowing what retail buyers and corporations want from you, and your simple desire to see your own product succeed. Jim would never perform surgery on himself or go to court without an attorney because he understands the extreme value of having an expert by his side to make sure things get done correctly. Having an expert to help you do the work is a big asset and money saver as well.

Simple…because it takes time to do everything that is mentioned in the above question and answers. On average, it takes more than a year of hard work to take an idea for a product and have it ready to be sold to retailers. Since there are literally dozens of “moving parts” to developing and preparing a product for selling, there will surely be many calls, emails, and back and forth work and discussions to complete everything and to answer the many questions you will have along the way. It is simply not possible to have Jim review everything you have done, make suggested changes, help you learn what you need to know, and do it all in a day or two. He does things RIGHT and to do that takes lots of time and commitment for both of you.

No, and anyone that promises success may be lying to you! There are so many factors that determine success and many of them have nothing to do with the product itself. Jim will do everything in his power to help you succeed but there are simply no guarantees.

He will email you a lengthy questionnaire. Once you answer it and send it back, he will review it and get a “baseline” from which to work and understand what you have done and what you need to do. Then, Jim will call you to review the questionnaire and begin laying out a game plan that you both will work from to ensure you stay on track and that work gets completed in order and efficiently.

He does not call on buyers as part of his standard coaching programs. Jim offers special programs that are dedicated to just selling products and that depends on a number of factors. However, Jim will teach you everything you need to know on how to make a cold call to a buyer, negotiate a deal, and follow up and get a deal done!

The costs for each program are listed next to each offering on the coaching description page! When you consider that experienced experts earn up to six figures to dispense this kind of advice the cost of this work is truly low! Most of Jim’s clients will tell you that they save more money by avoiding mistakes then they spend on coaching fees.

Coaching Programs

Everyone has different needs and having a personalized plan of attack is critical to anyone’s success.

For nearly two decades, Jim has helped thousands of inventors through his consulting, mentoring and coaching programs. From product development to retail product placement, let his expertise guide you through YOUR invention journey!