He expressed a passion in my product as if it were his own.

As inventors in pursuit of world-changing innovations that will disrupt the marketplace, there is very little room for mistakes. In my experience, successful products require a well planned strategy and more importantly a qualified team to help execute the plan. The moment I met Jim DeBetta, he expressed a passion in my product as if it were his own. His knowledge, experience and business relationships in product retailing surpassed those of others I met. Jim fills an informational void that, quite frankly, can only be acquired after years of experience in the industry and in the trenches as an inventor himself. Jim clearly understands the needs of the people he works with and makes sure that he keeps the inventor on-track and in-check. I am delighted to have Jim as part of our team as we prepare to launch our product.

For nearly two decades, Jim has helped thousands of inventors through his consulting, mentoring and coaching programs. From product development to retail product placement, let his expertise guide you through YOUR invention journey!