The Business of Inventing

The Business of Inventing is your practical guide on how to get your invention into America’s thriving marketplace.

The foreword is by Richard Grudens, author of 15 books and a leading authority in the world of the Big Band and Jazz Era of the 20th century. James, who has spent a number of years promoting a variety of products in several leading sales organizations with tens of millions of dollars of products sold to his credit, has trained countless sales people in his unmatched approach, thus enabling them to call on the world’s largest retail stores and eventually writing up record sales orders. His homespun and direct approach while working as a sales manager in his family’s retail stores paved the groundwork for his future. When selling products to retail buyers, Jim cultivated his ideas and has brought them to the national stage. Jim’s vast experience encapsulates all the questions posed by inventors and provides the answers in this amazing book.

This is a book that features all the important aspects of marketing an inventor’s creations.

This is a book that features all the important aspects of marketing an inventor’s creations. It covers the steps to inventing, the psychology of inventing, how to apply for patents, trademarks and copyrights, how to raise capital, develop products, branding and packaging, how factories work, discovering the channels of retail, pricing the inventor’s product and how to call on buyers at major retail chains to win the battle of securing sales of their products. Inventing is the first step on the journey to succeeding in the world of selling products to retailers.

Let my book be your guide!

~ Jim DeBetta, Author

The Business of Inventing

For nearly two decades, Jim has helped thousands of inventors through his consulting, mentoring and coaching programs. From product development to retail product placement, let his expertise guide you through YOUR invention journey!